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Build skills with courses, workshops, and through learning from others online

 Important: Audience call out that want to avoid problem, CAN NOT afford to miss this!

 Important: This Industry is ever changing and it's hard to keep up with everything you need to be successful.
You CAN NOT afford to miss this!

Join the MicroMinery Club

Access to Live Trainings

Up-to-date training about everything dealing with Crypto.  Trading, mining, and much more.

Discounted Rates on Gear

Get access to our personal supply chains for mining gear, PDUs, cables, transformers, and more.

Tools and Templattes

Access to the templates, tools, checklists and manuals used by the crypto mining pros

MicroMinery Specific Events

Specific events just for members.  This means you get the upper hand at the next The Mining Conference.

Master the latest trends in Crypto Mine Management

Build and Run Your Mine with the Latest Tools and Information Available

Access to A Network of Professionals

Figuring out the Crypto Farming Business is tough enough, let alone adding the fact that you need to have the business set up correctly, too.  

This network and the trainings will be led by industry professionals and business builders who have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives to build, scale and flip businesses.

It'll make growing your business feel like your not alone.

Popular Workshops AND Certifications

The one place to learn all you can 


Software Tool Trainings

Get trained from experienced professionals to use the most up-to-date software management tools for managing your gear and your mine.
Pools, Trading and Farm Management

Operations Certifications

Workshops and IN-DEPTH COURSES that will help you improve the functionality of your mine and lower the time and stress you have now.

Strategic Implementation

Find new ways to handle the ever-changing world of crypto with strategy experts in customer acquisition, mine growth and more.

But Wait, That’s Not All...

PLUS: Business Startup Training:

Startup 101

Toolkit for any business owner looking to jumpstart their business

Quarterly Strategy Workshops

Work with other business owners inside and out of the crypto industry to plan, manage and grow your biz.

Sales Training 101

Sales 101 for those who are new at moving customers from prospects to paying clients and future advocates

Upskill your organization

Work with our vetted coaches and consultants to improve the day-to-day operations of your business

Don't Take Our Word For It...

“Worth every satoshi! I learned more about large scale mining and what is possible and reasonable to accomplish with self-mining."

                                       - Richard Khouri
“I knew there were going to be knowledgeable people at the Mining Farm Operations Training Course. As I’m new to the industry, I was afraid of being perceived as a total crypto noob, but everyone proved to be super inviting. I felt very comfortable and learned a lot!

I now have a better understanding of what actually goes into building and managing a mining facility." 

                                                  - Will S.
“Finding miners is hard. Finding reliable sellers is even harder. Scott was clear & transparent with his communication, paid on time and left nothing up to guessing. He is a true professional — something rare to find in this space.”

                                             - Kyle Herron
                                                Frontier Mining

Right Now You Have Two Choices


Pay monthly to be a part of the regular trainings, community and have access to the supply chain


Pay an annual membership that will give you unlimited access for the next 12 months.

World-class learning for anyone, anywhere

We were told that this community is where people in the crypto industry want to be.  We are adding QUALITY PEOPLE, EXCELLENT VENDORS AND A CULTURE OF GROWTH AND COOPERATION.

Don't miss out on being able to interact and work with everyone who has already taken the plunge into crypotcurrency, blockchain and bitcoin.

Some of the Recorded Workshops Available to our Community

Insuring Your Mining Facility and Your Gear

  • A Crash course on Insurance for facility owners, operators and staff
  • How Insurance in the Crypto Mining Industry is being built
  •  Where to get the best Insurance Products for your Gear
  • ​How to help the mining industry grow

Customer Acquisition for Your Facility

  •  Identifying Your Ideal Clients
  •  Where to Market your services in your community and online
  •  Business Modeling for Your Facility
  • ​How Grass Roots Facility Growth is building bitcoin adoption

Operations 101 in your Crypto Mine

  • Defining your operations development process
  • ​Prioritizing what needs to be done vs what's nice to be done
  • ​Facility Optimization and how it's a part of your continuing growth
  • ​Streamline your Operations with Best Practice Processes available in this course.

Financing Your Facility

  •  What do you need to fund your facility
  • ​How to make it clear what your financiers are actually funding
  • ​Building Banking Relationships the right way
  • ​Building a Reasonable Pro-Forma

Some of the Previous Speakers we've had

Derek Wride

Olson and Partners

Mark Cole

USD Group/

Jude Overo


Dennis Porter

Satoshi Action Fund

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